The mother of monsters
Master Lich
High seraph
Master Enchater
Freak lord
Golden Naga
Prince of death
Bitch queen
Elemental Sovereigns
Queen of storms
Father Illearth
Statue of Order
Harvester of sorrows
Skratti-Giant mage
Troll King
Forgotten King
White minotaur
Lamia Queen
Bull of heaven
Judge of the dead
Tomb King
Ram headed sperent
Divine Emperor
King of Oak and Ivy
Lord of the desert Sun
Ghoul King
Forge LordMaster of Ruins
Lord of the waves
General of the west
Solar Disc
Rain Bringer
Last of the Partholonians
Master of names
Son of the fallen
Seeker of truth
Horned One
Earth Made Flesh
Golden Pillar
Celestial Vizier

Tirhiz the conquerer of the east, hero-god of the esaulian tribes. He united the tribes of the horse brothers and conquered the lands between the river Edubal and the mount Ralyx. He was promoted to warden of the east by the Pantokrator, but has returned with the host of the Esaulian ancestor spirits to once gain conquer or die.

Zalm, the warden of the west. In his life, he was king of the Derz, the most warlike of the nations of the earth. In his death, he was promoted to warden of the West by the Pantokrator. However, he was able to extract a concession from the Patnokrator to allow the bravest of the Derz warriors to be born anew.

The King of Kings


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